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Emerald Lake Lodge Winter Bridal Portraits

In a late night chat with my favourite makeup artist/ friend I suggested flying to the mountains for a shoot and surprisingly she said let’s do it!

The flights were booked the next day and weeks later we were meeting some amazing strangers from the internet that agreed to pose in the snow for us. We met these two at the Emerald Lake Lodge where Nicole did Natasha’s makeup in our rental SUV that would later get stuck in a huge snow drift.

The couple got changed in the restaurant bathroom and we headed out into at least 4 feet of snow to shoot. Coming from Banff where the temperature with windchill was around -30 we fully expected to be absolutely freezing but I could have gone without a jacket that day.

Being on the lake in between the mountains with lots of snow must have insulated us somehow and gave us the most peaceful and beautiful day! The mountains have a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to go back for my third adventure there one day.

This is why I love surrounding myself with passionate creatives. You can really tell when someone has found their passion by the amount of effort they put in even when they’re not getting paid, sometimes paying to build their business, portfolio and relationships.

I was lucky enough to have found the perfect adventure partner for this trip and someone that is equally passionate about her business.

Makeup – Nicole Alexis Artistry

Location – Emerald LakeEmerald Lake Lodge

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